What I bought : Bracelets!


Nothing tickles my fancy more than shopping but getting a great deal is probably by far the best thing about shopping around. In New York we have street vendors and my all time favorite is the Garment District where small wholesale shops are located. Most shops do only cater to wholesale but some will let you buy by the piece and I can spend an hour trying to find them. (not lying) But sometimes you stumble on some great finds like these two bracelets.

sorry for the Blackberry pics but for now they are the easiest to upload and my camera keeps slipping my mind. Hopefully in your city they have some really great places to catch a find.

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  1. I LOVE bracelets too- I have a whole drawer of bangles and wear at least one fantastic one every day. Your blog is so cute- Louboutins are also my weakness, I totally relate:) I have a few Louboutin tales on my blog too, http://jacquelineparis.wordpress.com/


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