Bellingtons Way: 2009's favorite Rapper Story


“I really do feel like I have a lot of work to do. I have to deliver an album
that is better than So Far Gone, better than anything that I've done. I
feel like I have a lot of tasks ahead of me before I can be considered one of
the greatest MCs or anything close to that.”

2009 could be the best year that Young Money's own Drake has ever had as his
mixtape So Far Gone, has been named the Mixtape of the Year by MTV.Already
holding down the Number 3 spot on the Hottest MCs List, the mixtape was able to
spawn two smash hits in the form of “Best I Ever Had” along with
“Successful”. With many calling the tape better than most albums that were
released in 2009, it would eventually be sent to retail as a 7 track EP.Now with
most people already owning the tape for free, such a move would just sound
stupid, but it clearly paid off as the EP has sold over 100K since its release
in September. His two singles have also paid off as he is among a list of
rappers awaiting to see what the envelope reads at the Grammy Awards. The
23-year-old has two nominations for the two songs.Although having a minor
misstep with the visuals for “Best I Ever Had”, he was able to get his point
across the second time around with the video for “Successful” alongside Trey
Songz. All of this praise without even releasing a debut album yet.With Thank Me
Later expected to drop in March, the music world waits to see how the young star
will find to top what he has already done in his musical career. We'll see
if the mixtape will once again just be the precursor and the album will serve as
the grand finale.”

I definitely loved the mixtape. It was actually the first mixtape that I owned. I look forward to see what he can do, although I sympathize with the hype that surrounds him. Hopefully his label gives him time to live up to it before he delivers a album. *fingers crossed*


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