Bellingtons Way: Whose excited?


So this weekend Chris shot a video for his single “Crawl”. Diddys real life leading lady Cassie was cast as the edgy leading lady for Brown. Just a few weeks ago, he shot another video for “I Can Transform Ya” featuring Lil Wayne and Swizz Beats. Reportedly they are both set to premier around the same time in the next coming weeks. I guess he is attempting to release a pop and R&B chart topper to saturate the billboards. Chris has also announced tour dates for an upcoming Fan Appreciation Tour. The tour is supposed to be for small venues, colleges and the likes. Great way to build your fan base back up to be accessible. His album Graffiti is scheduled to be released in December, just a few short weeks after Rihanna’s. Which is see to be released November 23rd. Rihanna also took some time last week to shoot her new video. Which is to premier with in the next two weeks. Good luck to both of them Id like to see them both back on top.

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